he wanted to rob the merchant ships that crossed his waters. Long time Sultan Daru was envious of the Sultan of Alam and he had often tried to attack the kingdom of nature but was always blocked by Naga Sabang, so his desire to master the kingdom of prosperous Nature was not achieved . So one day called Daru royal adviser named Tuanku Gurka, "My Lord Gurka, we have often attacked the Kingdom of the Kingdom but are always blocked by Sabang dragon, try to find out who can defeat the Dragon", ordered Sultan Daru. "Honorable, Dragon Sabang is the guard of the Barisan strait. If the dragon is dead then the two islands will be united because no creatures can take care of the buffer between the two islands besides the dragon, "explained Tuanku Gurka. "I do not

care about these two islands, I want to master the kingdom of nature", explained Sultan Daru. "There are two giants named Seulawah Agam and Seulawah Inong, they are very powerful", said Tuanku Gurka. "Seulawah Agam has a very big strength while Seulawah Inong has a very fast and very sharp sword geulantue," added Tuanku Gurka. Soon they came to the Sultan Daru to convey their waging battle against Sabang dragon. Shortly thereafter sent a messenger to Sabang dragon to tell that the two giants would come fight him. Naga Sabang sadly heard the news and immediately confronted Sultan Alam, "Sultan Alam my best friend, came the messenger of Sultan Daru to bring me a message that two Giant Selawah Agam and Seulawah Inong will come to me", The Dragon explained
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I love the picture of West Point Light House. I was the Officer in Charge of West Point light from early
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