Hello and welcome to my photography website! I am honored that you have decided to find out a little more about me and my type of photography. I have developed a website based on the encouragement of family and friends who would like a venue to purchase prints.

Like everyone else, I have always carried a camera around to record the places that I visit. My main purpose was to share the images with friends and family, but to also see if I could create my own art to hang up in my home. So my approach to photography is one in which I think, "Would this look good as a large print hanging above my fireplace, or in a collage of photos?"

I have lived in Southern California and in Southeast Texas for most of my life. I had the opportunity to visit the Pacific Northwest in 1995 and then made my decision to move here permanently in 1997. I have never felt more at home and at peace than when I moved to the Pacific Northwest, specifically Seattle, Washington. The rugged beauty of the mountains and cascading waterfalls everywhere are a recipe for soothing the soul. Around every turn in the road or corner of a hiking trail, there is a new landscape to discover.

I tend to utilize High Dynamic Range or HDR photography as my preferred style of capturing images. You may wonder what HDR Photography is all about. Just think about being at the beach during a spectacular sunset. Your eyes can process all of the light in the scene, such as the brightness and colors of the sky as well as the subtleties of the shadows in the sand at your feet. However, if you have taken a picture of this with your camera, you typically will end up with the sky over exposed, or you cannot make out any details in the foreground because it is too dark.

HDR photography allows you to create an image of what the eye truly did see. You can take three or more differently exposed images and merge them together to create what you saw with your own eyes. I won't get into a complicated explanation of how all this works, as there are many discussions on the topic that can be found on the Internet. For me what would result after the merging of the images with specific software, would be an image that had a "Painted" look to it. It was still a photograph, but also something more. That "Something More" was also different than anything my friends and family had ever seen before. They were the ones who encouraged me to turn my photography into a business. Thus the birth of this website.

I will not have a formal blog as I tend to utilize Flickr http:/​/​www.​flickr.​com/​photos/​fresnatic/​ as my blog. There you will find out more information about each image, such as the story behind it and some of the processing utilized to achieve the image.

If you have a question about my work, please do not hesitate to contact me via email: davidrironsjr@yahoo.com Also, if there is a size or product not listed that you might be interested in, contact me. Last thing, if there is an image or location suggestion that you would like me to capture an image of, let me know.

I hope my images have helped to convey the beauty that is the Pacific Northwest and stirred some semblance of peace with in. Thank you for visiting my website.